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Here you will find most of the songs that are in my Bard Book. I have changed the format so that you can access individual songs from a table of contents.  Loading the entire chapters just took too long.  Sound files have been added for the Filks and the Originals Chapters.  I will continue adding links for audio files as I can.

New Original Song 10/25/99   The Psion Psong

New Original Song 6/7/2000  Toast to the Clan MacComyn
Along with a new heading for Faire Songs.  Look at Lark O' the Clans - more will be following Clan MacComyn as soon as I can record them and upload.

My disclaimer:  Many of these songs are not my own.  Most are traditional, and those few I know the authors of I have given credit to, as well as the recordings.  The purpose of this book being on the web is to share the songs with a group of performers who live a good distance from each other, and only get together to perform infrequently.  Please respect the copyrights that may be represented here, and do not replicate indiscriminately.  Also, if you know the author of a song that is not credited, please let me know and I will add it right away.  There were too many copyright questions to add the contemporary folk songs.  If you would like a copy of what I have collected, let me know and I will make you one.

Siobhan the Bard

The Chapters

HFS Filks
Siobhan's Original Songs
Lark O' The Clans Faire Songs
The Real Old Songs
Miscellaneous Folk Songs
Songs of the Sea
Songs of Faerie
Songs from Other Sources
Irish Songs
Scottish Songs
Bawdy Songs

Chord Information  A small page with basic information about transposing chords from one key to another.  There is a chart that shows the resulting key when a capo is used on the first five frets of a guitar.

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